Numerous studies highlight a relationship between stress and skin conditions, including vitiligo. Summer is the ideal time of the year to relax, unwind and get the better of stress and anxiety.

Dermatologists have observed that periods of stress, anxiety and certain traumas can precipitate the onset of vitiligo in predisposed patients. We must not forget that approximately 30% of the cases of vitiligo are hereditary.

Moreover, once diagnosed, three out of four patients with vitiligo develop psychological problems, including anxiety caused by uncertainty concerning the evolution of the condition and the results of the treatment.

Summer is the perfect time to combat and deal with stress and anxiety. Enjoy leisure time with friends and family, take a walk by the sea (with proper sun protection), read a book, make a sandcastle… The great little things in life can help us to get a proper perspective on the condition and take a positive approach to its treatment.

As we have said on other occasions, the treatment of vitiligo is a long-distance race and you need to be perseverant, disciplined and optimistic to get the best results.


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