Vitiligo treatment is a long distance race requiring consistency and patience before results are seen. January is the month of choice for making good resolutions, and caring for your skin suffering from vitiligo should be one of them.

Treating vitiligo is no easy matter. Treatment must continue for 6 to 24 months for any results to be seen, and various fronts of action must be combined, aiming to stop the depigmentation of the skin and to re-pigment affected areas.

The type of vitiligo and the characteristics of each patient are fundamental for the dermatologist to correctly diagnose the illness, and the most suitable treatment choice must be established in each case. On our website you will find a list of some vitiligo treatment specialists.

Many patients with vitiligo put their treatments on hold over winter because their patches are less visible and the illness goes more unnoticed. But it is important to continue with vitiligo treatment throughout the entire year and to use phototherapy when faced with a lack exposure to sunlight.

Ultraviolet B narrow band phototherapy (UVB Narrow band) will help us to keep re-pigmenting the white patches caused by vitiligo in winter, preventing them from spreading further.

It will also allow us to precisely control exposure times. The domestic-use UBV-nb phototherapy lamp from our laboratory has a timer to ensure exact exposure times.


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