The end of summer means gradually getting back into your daily routine, returning to work, the kids to school, etc. The “school year” needs to be planned, as does your activity for the upcoming months, including your good resolutions. For vitiligo sufferers, these inevitably include skin care. It’s time to visit your dematologist!

The treatment of vitiligo takes time, requiring perseverance and a holistic approach directed at stopping the depigmentation of the skin while repigmenting the areas affected. Now is the time to set yourself a goal, to visit the dermatologist and to get going. The specialist will determine what type of vitiligo you have and the best treatment for your particular case.

Not only must the treatment be in line with your type of vitiligo, but it must also take into account your characteristics and those of your surroundings (living in a region with plenty of exposure to the sun all year round is not the same as living in another region where you need phototherapy in order to continue your vitiligo treatment in winter).

At Abedul Productos Farmacéuticos, we’ve developed a range of products specifically designed for the treatment of vitiligo.

If vitiligo is present in just a few areas (focal vitiligo), such as your hands, face, genital area, etc. then the recommended treatment for vitiligo is one that combines Meladul Gel and phototherapy.

However, if the vitiligo affects more extensive areas, in which there is hair growth, such as legs, arms and torso, then the recommended treatment combines topical and oral photosensitising agents, and phototherapy.

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