Vitiligo treatment  is closely linked to oxidative stress, which aggravates the damage of the melanocytes, making them stop producing melanin. Antioxidants constitute a great ally in combatting oxidative stress of the melanocytes, helping cell recovery, specifically, Superoxide Dismutase SOD.

SOD is an enzyme present in our bodies, which constitutes the most powerful natural antioxidant. It acts by repairing cells and reducing the damage caused by superoxides, the most common free radicals in our bodies.

For this reason, SOD is a vital tool in treating vitiligo, and is the essential ingredient in our Meladul pigmentation regulator, helping reduce the oxidative stress of these cells, improving their appearance and favouring re-pigmentation in the treatment of vitiligo and other skin illnesses.

Its application in some specific dermatology fields is also interesting, such as the repair of areas affected by burns caused by photo-depilation, or by lesions from the hypopigmentation of specific areas of the skin.

One of the risks of laser hair-removal is burning and skin-colour change, as dark or light patches may appear (hyper or hypopigmentation). In these cases, treatment with a pigmentation regulator like Meladul and its combination with phototherapy provide good results in the re-pigmentation of affected zones. Consult your dermatologist if this is your case.




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