We wish to share with you one of the vitiligo treatment success stories that we are following up. The re-pigmentation achieved in just two months of treatment has been spectacular, and we hope that shortly we will be able to report the complete disappearance of patches.

It is segmental vitiligo, localised on the trunk and on the upper and lower extremities.

Vitiligo treatment was undertaken by combining phototherapy with the home-use UVB narrow band lamp and the application of photosensitising products (Fenadul Gel) and pigmentation regulating antioxidants (Meladul). Previously, the sufferers had received other treatments with no success.

vitiligo tratamientoThe treatment was carried out under the supervision of the dermatologist that had been monitoring the evolution and the results.

The phototherapy for the treatment of vitiligo began with 36 seconds of exposure, and the time of the sessions was increased to reach a minute.

We will shortly inform you of the final outcome of the treatment, which is very promising in this case, taking into account the results obtained in such a short period of time.

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