Over a million Spanish people have psoriasis. To improve their treatment, Psoriasis Action and the Spanish Dermatology and Venereology Academy (AEDV) have created a guide with a series of measures, among which they recommend the use of phototherapy in the treatment of this illness, which, like vitiligo, is of autoimmune origin.

Ultraviolet B narrow band phototherapy (UVB Narrow band) is one of the latest advances in vitiligo treatment and other kinds of skin pathologies, such as psoriasis.

The United States National Psoriasis Foundation recommends the use of phototherapy, especially in treating fine plaques of psoriasis on the face, the trunk or the extremities.

Among their recommendations are the following:

  • Follow a constant and frequent phototherapy plan (you can consult the recommended doses in our information leaflet in the phototherapy section)
  • Regularly hydrate your skin.
  • Use suitable glasses.
  • Use suitable glasses.
  • Visit your dermatologist every six months to assess the results.

The United States National Psoriasis Foundation reminds patients that the beneficial effect of using light therapy for treating psoriasis is due to the Ultraviolet B light. For this reason, tanning booths are not effective in treating psoriasis or vitiligo, and moreover their wavelengths can cause skin damage and increase the risk of melanoma.

At Abedul Productos Farmacéuticos we market a UVB-nb domestic phototherapy lamp which enables psoriasis and vitiligo patients to locally tan the de-pigmented skin areas in the comfort of their own homes.

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