Treating vitiligo, psoriasis and other skin diseases with phototherapy has offered good results for decades. To ensure phototherapy is effective, it is vital to control exposure times, varying the session durations depending on the appearance (or not) or erythema in the 24 hours following treatment.

The Abedul Productos Farmacéuticos domestic-use nb-UVB phototherapy lamp has a timer to guarantee precise exposure times, and also comes with a complete user manual specifying the session times.

Throughout the treatment, the patient must record the date, time and duration of the sessions, taking note of any observation or comment related to the treatment. Session duration guidelines are as follows:

  • An initial exposure of 30 seconds is recommended.
  • Following this, if 24 hours after the phototherapy session you have no erythema, the exposure time can be increased by 10% to reach a maximum of 4 minutes in the same area.
  • If erythema continues to appear after 24 hours following exposure, revert back to the time used prior to the session that caused the erythema.

Remember that the domestic-use nb-UVB lamp has a radiation intensity of 7 mw/cm2, and should be positioned 3 cm from the area requiring treatment.
You can download our information leaflets here:

Phototherapy lamp for treating vitiligo (spanish)
Phototherapy lamp for treating psoriasis (spanish)

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