With the New Year comes a time to reflect upon our resolutions and challenges. If you have vitiligo, caring for your skin may be one of these goals.

According to data from the Spanish Association of Vitiligo Patients (ASPAVIT), 90% of vitiligo patients do not receive any treatment at all. This fact is particularly relevant if we consider that the Spanish Dermatology and Venereology Academy insists that vitiligo outbreaks should be treated as early on as possible in order to prevent the disease from progressing. Taking care of your skin should feature in your top resolutions for 2019.

Vitiligo treatment should aim to both slow the advance of the illness and repigment the white patches. To do this, at Abedul Laboratorios Farmacéuticos we have developed a specific product range to treat vitiligo.

When it comes to recommending treatment, your dermatologist will establish the best option depending on the scope and type of your vitiligo.
If you have focal vitiligo, concentrated particularly on the face, hands and genital area, it is recommendable to combine phototherapy with Meladul, a gel with Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which targets the repigmentation of white patches.

If your vitiligo type affects larger areas and areas with hair, such as the legs, arms or trunk, it is recommendable to combine photosensibilisers in both capsule and gel format (Fenadul) and phototherapy.
In the case of phototherapy, in winter months you can use our domestic-use narrow band UVB lamp.

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