In the summer, the sun, chlorine and seawater damage the skin, dehydrating it and, in many cases, highlighting the patches caused by vitiligo. We would like to offer vitiligo sufferers some skincare tips for the autumn.

To restore skin with vitiligo after the summer, it is important to resume your care routine, moisturising and cleansing it, ensuring you get enough rest and leading a healthy lifestyle (suitable diet, regular exercise and avoiding the stress caused by going back to work after the summer break).

Here are some tips for protecting skin with vitiligo after the summer:

  • It is important to fortify your moisturising routine, moisturising at least three times a day. Dehydrated skin is dull, lustreless and devitalised, taut and lacking in elasticity. Now is the time to restore it.
  • It is important to use pH neutral soaps and to avoid aggressive cosmetics and excessively hot showers. It is very important to remove makeup gently and on a daily basis to prevent your skin from becoming more fragile.
  • Photoprotection. Although the days are shortening and you no longer expose your skin to direct sunlight so much, it is important to continue to use photoprotection. This is particularly true for people with vitiligo.
  • If exposure to the sun during the summer has made your vitiligo patches more visible, there exist different solutions to mask them. Abedul Pharmaceutical Products has different types of makeup for your vitiligo: Tanvitil gel (for small patches) and Tanvitil spray (recommended for larger areas).

Both the spray and gel are available in three tones. Choose the most suitable tone for your skin type: light for fair skin, medium for skins between the extremes and dark for darker skin phototypes.

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