Melanin alterations can cause dark patches caused by excess production (hypermelanosis), or white patches due to a lack of pigmentation (hypomelanosis). Its source may be injuries caused by laser treatment, traumatisms or skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis, etc.

White patches on the skin may appear at any age, regardless of sex or skin type. However, the effects are more obvious on darker skin. Despite not constituting a health problem, they are a cause for concern for sufferers on an aesthetic and emotional level.

Photosensibilisers help stimulate melanin production and with this, the repigmentation of white patches. Our Fenadul range contains L-Phenylalanine, one of the components needed during the melanin formation phases, and the pigment responsible for skin and hair colour.

L-Phenylalanine inhibits the production of antibodies against the melanocytes, and activates altered melanocytes, stimulating the transfer of melanocytes from pigmented areas to those lacking pigmentation.

To eliminate white patches, a double treatment is recommended. On the one hand, externally using Fenadul Gel, and on the other hand internally, using nutritional supplements that complete a varied diet (Fenadul capsules).

For best results, it is advisable to combine both solutions with natural or artificial sun exposure, through domestic phototherapy sessions (Domestic-use nb-UVB phototherapy lamp).
It is advisable to undergo treatment three times a week, combining the capsules (taken 45 minutes before sun exposure or phototherapy) with the gel (applied 30 minutes before sun exposure or phototherapy).

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