Today is World Vitiligo Day and this year once again we would like to add our voice to all those who wish to make this skin condition visible and combat the social stigmatisation that even today people with it suffer in many parts of the world.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that affects about 2% of the population. Although it is not a serious pathology, it can have a great psychological impact on those who suffer from it.

The treatment of vitiligo is long and requires perseverance and dedication in order to obtain results. It aims both to halt the depigmentation of the skin and to repigment affected areas, and usually combines several therapeutic options.

There are two key lines of treatment depending on the type of vitiligo and the location and extent of the white patches produced by the depigmentation:

– In cases of focal vitiligo, located mainly on the face, hands, genital area, etc., a combination of phototherapy and the application of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) in gel form (Meladul) is recommended to repigment the affected areas.
– In the case of vitiligo affecting larger areas and areas with hair, such as the legs, arms, and trunk, photosensitizers, both taken orally (Fenadul Capsules) and applied topically (Fenadul Gel), are recommended in combination with phototherapy. Abedul Pharmaceutical Products markets a narrowband UVB phototherapy lamp for home use with which to locally tan depigmented areas of skin.

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