Vitiligo treatments

Abedul Pharmaceutical Products specialises in effective treatments for vitiligo and other skin problems, as psoriasis.

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Want to get a quicker tan in areas with vitiligo patches?

The Fenadul Line, with the essential amino acid L-Phenylalanine, promotes melanin production. Combine with phototherapy for optimal results in treatment of vitiligo

Want to repigment areas affect by vitiligo?

Meladul Gel with Superoxido Dismutasa SOD, an enzyme found in the human body and is the most potent of natural antioxidants. Plays an important role in reducing oxidative stress and favouring repigmentation.

Phototherapy treatment

Domestic UVB-nb phototherapy lamp tans localised depigmented skin areas. Combined use with Fenadul photosensitizing and Meladul regulator for optimal results in treatment of vitiligo

Products for vitiligo treatments


Want to mask vitiligo patches?

Try Tanvitil, gel and spray makeup to camouflage vitiligo patches

  • Makeup for vitiligo
  • Easy to apply, great coverage
  • Adapts to the tone of your skin

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